Dealing w Difficult Discussions

Are you avoiding conversations you know will be hard?

Learn how to tackle tough talks with more ease...
an essential skillset every leader needs

Dealing with Difficult Discussions

Regional 2-day clinics On-location in...

Townsville July 11-12

Cairns  July 13-14

Hervey Bay July 27-28

Brisbane August 8-9

Caloundra August 16-17

Mackay  Sept 12-13

Also available Live Online -  August 23 & 30

4 x 3-hr Sessions - 9.30am-12.30pm & 1.30-4.30pm each day AEST

“Really valuable! Very clear, practical strategies, tools and practice activities presented in an engaging, well-paced way. Bill made the whole experience enjoyable, entertaining, enlightening and safe and his self-coaching guide that goes with the course is top rate.” Brian Harris - Director Housing & Homelessness

What Difficult Discussions have you been putting off?

Most of us go out of our way to avoid difficult discussions and other unpleasant conflict situations. It’s a universal human tendency. Contemplating a confrontation with someone who gets over-emotional, irrational, loud, abusive, bullying or goes to tears and recrimination, is enough to put most of us off. And then there’s still the other person we have to deal with!

Does avoidance really pay?

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you really should talk to someone about something that’s annoying you, but your concern about how they may react – or fear that the conflict may escalate and spiral out of control – stopped you?

♦  Deep down, you know if you keep avoiding this conversation, you'll feel frustrated and your feelings of resentment will start to fester.

♦  On the other hand – you worry that if you do confront them, it will turn into a major argument; or that your intentions will be misunderstood.

For the sake of short-term comfort, we too often give up on long-term improvements.

Difficult conversations that remain unresolved, strain, poison or even kill-off relationships. While you’re worried that if you do confront it, it will turn into a major argument or falling-out, deep down, you know if you keep avoiding, you'll feel frustrated, resentment and detachment will follow – and the relationship will suffer anyway.

The choice is simple: Either we can avoid difficult discussions entirely, keep on handling them poorly or work on handling them well…  Read more... ]

It’s the latter that our Dealing with Difficult Discussions clinics help you do better....


Decide to get on top of the discussions you dread

Face up to conversational challenges & stay calm, cool and collected

 Learn how our unique roadmap & tools can help you convert destructive confrontation into constructive conversation

Well worth attending. As a supervisor, it was beneficial for me to reflect on my own role in how to raise difficult issues with staff and reach amicable resolutions. Learning real, practical and proven tools relevant to ‘real life’, often stressful situations was very empowering... I’m glad I attended.” Hamish T. Reef HQ

Handling yourself well in confronting situations is a challenge most of us want to be better at!

Dealing with Difficult Discussions delves into what’s really going on when talks get tense. 

♦  It shows you how to avoid those talk traps that just make everything worse when faced with confrontation 

♦  It helps you to test out ways to take some of the heat out when tempers rise and talk turns toxic

♦  And it helps you resolve differences mindfully, using a unique 7-Stage roadmap and easy-to-apply conversation tools that can really make a difference in most challenging conversational situations you face.

Don’t let contentious conversations immobilise you at work!

Let go of resistance, relieve your tension and reclaim your time by facing up to those difficult discussions… and increase your chances of achieving more constructive outcomes with our simple-to-use discussion tools and proven process!

Topics we cover in this vital clinic will help you:

Team conversation

Decipher dynamics of difficult discussions and use these to help structure your talks


Learn how to cope more confidently with uncomfortable conversations


Identify common mistakes we make when talks get tough and how to avoid them


Deal with disruptive emotions and stay calm, collected and controlled


Discover ways to defuse difficult moments and handle hostility


Face up to feelings and use them constructively


Start difficult discussions without raising so much defensiveness


No role plays… Just real tools practise using real-life scenarios and some of your own test-cases!


Take-away self-directed guidebook to help you practise tools and approaches back at work

"This clinic has given me some great strategies and tools to use to be able to feel more confident entering into a tough conversation. It was quite hands on and practical - and the self-coaching guide book is an excellent resource... It's made me self -reflect and definitely think-out what I need to say and how I’m going to say it. In particular the words I’m going to use to start. Thank you so much again for the two days. I found them so valuable and have learned a great deal."

Wendy Y, Head of Curriculum, Mt Isa

Building Better Leaders & Teams

Build a robust conversation culture in your workplace

Arrange an In-house Clinic for your whole team


Arrange for us to run this well-regarded program in-house with your leader group ot teams to encourage everyone to share a common language, approach and set of tools that seriously raises the bar on cooling conflict at your place!

Prefer a more personal touch – one-on-one?

Talk to us about Individual Coaching to focus your learning or target specific leadership issues

Individual coaching around conversations or any leadership aspect you’d like to focus on


0429-687 513   Bill Cropper

Your Facilitator - a brief Introduction...

Bill Cropper

Director - The Change Forum 

Bill is principal consultant and founding director of The Change Forum. He has a wealth of practical experience as a consultant, coach and facilitator working with leaders and teams of all levels on strategic change, culture revitalisation, leadership learning, group facilitation and teamworking. His work centres on helping workplaces build the capacities they need to create constructive, connective cultures and more vibrant, productive, high-performing teams.

Bill has a particular interest in the benefits of conversational mastery, emotional intelligence and mindfulness to create connective and compassionate workplaces, promote productive, open interchanges and facilitate personal growth and change mastery.  Over more than 18 years, he’s delivered scores of Dealing with Difficult Discussions and other Conversational Coaching Clinics publicly and in-house for a wide range of organisations including health, education, housing, justice, environment, roads, local government and community services. 

Bill's Dealing with Difficult Discussions clinic springs from a long history of working with individuals and groups on positive communication and participative work practices while also coaching leaders to handle hard talks and constructively confront challenging performance. And it harks back to research and consulting work he did on positive team performance management for The Australian Productivity Council.

Bill’s been a preferred learning, change and leadership provider for many federal, state and local government agencies and is known for his practical, engaging and interactive style of facilitating. He also creates his own models and frameworks that keynote his programs and produces his own down-to-earth self-coaching guides, toolkits and workbooks to accompany his programs.

"It's always a pleasure to attend your programs Bill. Your knowledge of your field is outstanding as are your guidebooks which provide such a useful follow-up resource. The programs you provide are relevant and applicable to all levels of leadership in any organisation or profession and always supported by a strong research base.” Dr Lyn Bishop  Principal Sheldon College.

"I really enjoy your style of facilitation Bill. It's a well-balanced mix of theory, practical and humour in a relaxed atmosphere, which makes learning much easier when it is fun! I gained more strategies, techniques and tools to further raise my self-awareness and emotional intelligence." Mickey Polkinghorne - Disability Services Queensland

Practical, down-to-earth, safe & relevant 

All our clinics are practical, challenging and stimulating. Those who’ve been along to other Change Forum programs know that Bill takes a down-to-earth approach and creates a relaxed, engaging, safe and fun environment for learning.

Here’s 5 reasons to choose a Change Forum session...


Solid learning in a safe, small group environment


Practical tools & frameworks for back-at-work action


Down-to-earth, hands-on and relevant


Comprehensive, easy-to-follow self-coaching guidebooks


Serious fun and fantastic facilitation

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Variations to discounts may apply


 4 Session Fee for Everyone...............$847   $792        4 x 3-hrs = 12 hrs – equivalent 2-days live
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